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Criminal Law – Financial Crime – Medical Negligence

Criminal Law - Financial Crime - Medical Negligence

Our successful involvement in the criminal law field, combined with our experience, guarantees the proper management and successful handling of any criminal case. The cases we have dealt with and the profound knowledge of the subject enable us to deal consistently with any criminal case we are required to deal with, in the most effective way defending the interests of our clients.

Through our specialized partners, our office can handle effectively financial crime cases, such as fraud, embezzlement, infidelity, money laundering and more. We can responsibly and consistently defend the interests of our clients for financial crimes, while also representing the injured party-politicians by submitting peer-reviewed reports to the prosecutors and so on. Respectively, we can undertake the representation of our clients before the civil courts while adjudicating cases of tort.

Criminal and civil management of a tragedy due to a medical error requires the combination of medical and legal science. It concerns the abuse of the most valuable asset, the sufferer’s health, and the management of medical malpractice cases requiring a high professional level of professionalism as it is confronted with defending the reputation and credibility of doctors and nursing homes. Handling of these cases requires the collaboration of competent and experienced forensic experts, medical practitioners, experts, technical advisers and specialized legal experts.

Criminal Law Cases

Our office has handled a variety of criminal law cases, whether they concern specific criminal law crimes or criminal law offenses. Particularly:

1. Violation of common criminal law provisions (see insult, threat, personal injury, etc.).

2. Violation of criminal law provisions (see fraud, infidelity, lending, stealing electrical power, etc.).

3. Committing crimes provided by the Laws on Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Companies (Art. 54 et seq. 2190/1920 and Sec. 60 no. 3190/1955).

4. Tax evasion (VAT, income tax, virtual invoices - Articles 17, 18 and 19 of Law 2523/1997 and now Article 66 of Law 4174/2013).

5. Money laundering (Law 3691/2008).

6. Issuance of unsolicited checks (Art. 79 Law 5960/1933).

7. Non-payment of debts to the State (d. 25 Law 1882/1990).

8. Non-payment of employers' and workers' contributions to insurance organizations (Act 1986/1967).

9. Non-payment of employee salaries (ac. 690/1945).

10. Violation of labor law provisions (see 28 28 Law 3996/2011).

11. Violation of provisions of market legislation (ND 136/1946).

12. Breach of Bankruptcy Law (committing the crime of bankruptcy, the crime of favorable creditor reg., Art. 171 et seq. 3588/2007).

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